Getting a film financed is a fine art, and Kickstarter has allowed small films safer passage to the big screen but Wartime Wanderers, a new film based on the book by Tim Purcell and Mike Gething, has a little extra incentive to for would-be investors to get involved.

I had the chance to speak with Tim Purcell, who is also on producing duties for the film, and he was keen to play up the scope of the project, and its relevance beyond Bolton, beyond football as a heroic story of a team of men who went to war. He went on to explain the charity aspect of the funding which will see any investment initially go to fund the film and once the film goes into profit all of the investments made through this scheme will go to a group of charities.

It’s an interesting way of part-funding a feature film, and it gives an extra philanthropic edge to helping to get a film made. There’s a lot more about the project here, as well as the  contribution link, and it’s well worth checking out the BBC write-up of the announcement of production here. Wartime Wanderers is scheduled to go into production shortly.


War against Germany is about to be declared. In front of a 23,000 strong crowd at Burnden Park, the Bolton Wanderers captain, Harry Goslin, gives a rousing speech before leading the entire team to the local Territorial Army drill hall where they all sign up. For the next six years, as gunners in the 53rd Field Regiment of the Bolton Artillery, they face some of the heaviest fighting of the Second World War. Back at home Nat Lofthouse gets his chance to play for the team he loves. But this is not just a story about war, or football. This is the story of a group of men and women whose loyalty led them into a bloody world conflict, and whose indomitable spirit enabled them to survive it.

Here’s the press release in full, with details of how the scheme works,


An innovative way to invest in a feature film and benefit a charity

Wartime Wanderers is a film based on a true story of friendship, love, loyalty and survival. At the heart of the film is a beautiful spirit, which you can become involved in.

In response to an increasing demand from individuals wishing to back the film with small amounts, the production company has set up a Production Fund in aid of four charities. This offers the public a unique opportunity to donate any amount of money from as little as £5. Money raised through this route will first be used to produce the film and income from the film’s release will be paid to the charities up to the full value of the fund. Thereafter all profits due to the fund will be paid to the respective charities, potentially supporting these good causes for many years to come.*

All donors receive a certificate of thanks and those donating £100 plus will receive a ticket to a premiere/gala screening and be given the opportunity to appear as an extra in the film.

To find out more and to donate, please visit: and click on the ‘Contribute’ link.