The Fantastic Four is arguably the least anticipated comic book movie of 2015 among fans, something not helped by the fact that we have not yet seen so much as an official image from the reboot…until now!

Two behind-the-scenes shots have been released tonight, one focusing on Josh Trank, and the other on Michael B. Jordan. It’s the latter which gives us our first look at the costumes which will be featured in The Fantastic Four, and the Human Torch’s suit is a lot different to that of his comic book counterpart!

There has been a lot of talk that the team’s first costumes will be prototypes, with them not embracing their superhero status and becoming the Fantastic Four as we know then until the end of the movie. We’ll see!

Asked what sets The Fantastic Four apart from other superhero movies, Trank said: “I would say that the science fiction of it is a big thing that sets it apart from most of the other superhero genre films. I’m a huge David Cronenberg fan, and I always viewed Fantastic Four and the kind of weirdness that happens to these characters and how they’re transformed to really fall in line more with a Cronenberg-ian science fiction tale of something horrible happening to your body and [it] transforming out of control. I don’t really see that kind of potential and that kind of take being implemented on any of the other superhero movies.”

As for how much this movie is setting up in regards to sequels , the director added: “We definitely are thinking about future chapters of the story but we also know when you’re making the first one, you’ve gotta get that movie right. That movie has to be its own completely satisfying, coherent experience. Most of our energy is spent making this the best possible film. Obviously we would like to make more of these because we have so many stories to tell and these actors are so fantastic there’s a lot more we can tell with them.”

These are interesting comments, and more from both Trank and writer Simon Kinberg can be found below.

How well fans will respond to The Fantastic Four remains to be seen, but with the first trailer expected to land any day now, we’ll hopefully have a better understanding of what to expect sooner rather than later.