If you missed the trailer for new movie, Lucky a few weeks ago, it’s well worth a watch.

The storyline seems original and rather amusing! It tells the story of a serial killer (Hanks) who wins the lottery which in turn helps his murderous ways ever more!

It’s all easy from here on our surely? Probably not! The movie also stars Ann-Margaret Ari Graynor, Jeffrey Tambor, Mimi Rogers and Ari Graynor and is erleased in the US 15th July. No news on a UK release as yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Synopsis: After Ben wins the lottery, Lucy – his childhood crush – suddenly becomes obtainable. But she has a hidden agenda … a desire to appropriate all of Bens’ new found wealth. Not everything is as it seems and Lucy realizes that she may have married into more then she bargained for when she discovers Ben’s past times include the occasional murder. As the bodies start to pile up, so do her problems and Lucy quickly appreciates that covering up for a fledgling serial killer is not as easy as it seems. If these newlyweds are going to make it work they will have to deal with some skeletons in their closet … literally.


 Source: Collider