There is something not quite right about Mr Colin Hanks in this trailer. True, he’s a wannabe serial killer whose lottery win allows him not only to make good on his murderous intent but also win the girl of his dreams. Nothing can go wrong there surely?

With a cast consisting of the aforementioned Hanks, Ann-Margaret Ari Graynor and the man with the most sinister lips in Hollywood, Jeffrey Tambor, this film as the potential to lull audiences with its superficial quirk and charm before turning very dark indeed.

Here’s a synopsis and a really, really badly photoshopped poster courtesy of Empire Movies,

It seems like a dream come true when Ben Keller wins the Iowa state lottery… but for everyone else in his life, it’s the beginning of darkly comic nightmare. With 80 million dollars at his disposal, Ben has the newfound confidence to pursue his life-long crush, Lucy St. Martin. But can all the money in the world compensate for the fact that Ben is a fledgling serial killer? As their relationship spirals out of control, and the body count rises, Lucy and Ben do all they can to survive love, marriage… and each other.







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