The Flowers of WarThere’s a new clip from The Flowers of War for you today and it’s a far less explosive affair than the trailers we’ve seen, but is no less dramatic and gives us a good idea of what to expect from the film’s leading man.

Christian Bale leads the film from director Zhang Yimou, perhaps best known for Hero and House of Flying Daggers and has this for a synopsis,

The film, set during the Japanese invasion of China, is told from a young girl’s point of view, not as a history lesson, but as an intimate, elemental and paradoxically universal celebration of the human spirit.   Bale stars as a dissolute Westerner who seeks refuge in a Catholic Church.  There he meets a beautiful Chinese courtesan who helps him rescue a group of schoolgirls from a terrible fate at the hands of the Japanese.

Here’s the clip, all the way from Collider,

And a special bonus, here’s Zhang Yimou’s wonderfully irreverent contriubtion to the film Lumiere and Company.

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