Not content with giving us a lovely new trailer for Sylvain White’s film adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic book series The Losers, a new image has been published and it’s a good one.

Certainly, as The L.A. Times (via MovieWeb) point out the image is an almost identical replica of the comic book image, also included below. While similar in theme to the A-Team, this series melds government conspiracy and a stylised violence which is sure to play well on the big screen. White spoke to the Times about how he intended the film to play,

When I first read the screenplay, what struck me, the initial spark, was the opportunity for a really interesting mix of tones. It struck me almost as a comedy disguised in an action film. I felt recently there had been a lot of action movies that embrace grittiness and realness but also fall into a very straight and dark tone, generally. I thought here there was a really interesting balance drawn from the 2004 and 2005 [comics] reinventions of ‘The Losers’ that had hard, gritty action with a fun, light tone.

Check out the image below.