Naomi WattsWith news constantly hitting my RSS feed that major studios are cutting back funding due to lack of money, studies like this one start to become very relevant for the studio chiefs. Forbes have conducted a study to determine which Hollywood actresses have brought in the most money at the box office compared to the amount that they were paid. The number one may surprise you unless of course you’ve already looked at the title of this post!

Australian, Naomi Watts has been named by Forbes as the number 1 actress bringing the best return. For every she was paid, Watts managed to bring in . Other actresses to perform well were Jennifer Connelly ( / ) , Rachel McAdams ( / ) , Natalie Portman ( / ) and Meryl Streep who brought in for every she was paid.

The next five to complete the top ten list are Jennifer Aniston ($26 /$1), Halle Berry ($23/ $1), Cate Blanchett ($23 / $1) Anne Hathaway ($23 /$1) and finally Hilary Swank who brought also brought in $23 for every $1.

Notice that Angelina Jolie doesn’t feature in the list at all. So I guess just because you have a major name in a movie, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to make as much as the box office. Why pay Jolie $10m+ when you can pay Watts or any of the other actresses above half as much and get a better bang for ya buck? After seeing this list, I don’t expect to see Watts out of work much in the near future!

Head over to Forbes for more details on each actress and how they’ve made the studios their money…..