myspace-pageMyspace may not have been the very first social network, a term which is helped created, but it was the first to become incredibly popular.

Certainly Facebook and Twitter, and the newer, niche, tools such as Instagram, would not exist if they had not the shoulders of Myspace on which to stand.
Many of us took our first tentative steps towards become a contributor to, rather than a consumer of, the internet on Myspace.

Quickly it became shorthand for your own personal corner of the web and it truly took off at a time when the sharing of music was taking the internet into a new phase of its life and many bands, signed and unsigned, could point their fans to their Myspace page. Now it is returning with a strong focus on what it always did best.

Having taken a backseat in recent years Myspace is on the cusp of a new phase of life and is being relaunched with a focus on playing to its strengths, those being Music and a constant platform for discovery. The new Myspace is far more of a music platform and it has been designed with a tablet-like experience in mind the draw for many will be the unlimited supply of music which greets you when you sign up.

The radio function allows you to choose your artists and have their music serenade you through the whole time you’re online. In refusing to copy the advances others have made on the foundations of their success the streamlining of the new Myspace should be what sets it apart; reinvention rather than revolution is the key here.

If you want to check out the site click here to go to and to request Beta Access to the social network you can send them an email here.