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2013 Logo2012 has been a rather fantastic year at the cinema and 2013 promises to follow suit. Jon and I thought it may be nice to details 50 of the movies that we’re most looking forward to seeing in our 2013 round-up post. We’ve created a list in release-date order of what we believe have the potential to fabulous (and hopefully not dreadful!). We’ve added both UK and US release dates to all the posts to cover the majority of readers to HeyUGuys so apologies if you’re not from one of those regions. Each post also contains the director and cast listing as well as our own thoughts on what we hope from the movie in question.

No doubt some of these will be shockingly rubbish with others not making the list ending up to be some of our favourites but until this time next year, we simply won’t know!

So, without further ado, here’s 50 movies that both Jon and I are looking forward to in 2013. If we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comments section below.




Gangster Squad

  • UK release date: 11th January 2013
  • US release date:  11th January 2013
  • Director: Ruben Fleischer
  • Cast: Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Giovanni Ribisi, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Emma Stone, Nick Nolte and Robert Patrick

Gangster Squad got off to a rough start after being pushed back from 2012 because of the dreadful shootings in a Colorado cinema. Still, the studio behind the movie are still keen to share this one with the world and have removed a scene (and re-shot it) which we saw in the trailer involving a cinema shoot-out.

Amazing cast and from what we’ve seen, beautiful cinematography mean this is hopefully going to get us off to a great start at the movies in 2013. See more from the film here.


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  • Ed

    This would be a great list if I didn’t have to click through FIFTY PAGES.

  • Lulz

    50 pages is ridiculous. Need the clicks by any chance?

  • zzzzzzzzz

    ditto….bored with clicking

  • kevinlaw1222

    All the messages about having to click through 50 pages – totally agree. i got about 5 pages in and then just jumped around the pages a bit bit before I gave up all together.
    You have to be pretty dedicated to click through all 50 pages – need a re-design i think

  • dobbie

    Patrick Swayke is famouns with the ladies! Come on Heyuguys, bit of quality check on your articles please

  • Well I clicked through them all and frankly… maybe eight look interesting, the others are re-treads. Hollywood is a yawn fest anymore!!

  • Aesop

    What about “Now You See Me”. It has great cast including Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

  • David Sztypuljak

    Woopsie! Now fixed. Thanks for spotting our erm…. deliberate mistake! 😉

  • Dhiram

    True that. At least include 5 movies on one page.

  • Nathan Cox

    This is a shameless attempt at bringing in advertising revenue. At least TRY to think about the people actually reading this. Nobody wants to sit through fifty page loads just to see a brief synopsis of some movie coming out next year. Give me a list or go to hell.

  • Sizemo

    Anchorman 2 Didn’t Make This List!?!?

  • Walter

    For the love of clarity, PROOFREAD, or at the very least spellcheck!

  • Lilly

    Ok…I personally had no problem with pushing a screen to see all 50….but that’s just me

  • I stopped reading after clicking more than 5 times.

    Imagine reading an article in Time, CNN or the New York Times in which you have to click 50 times to read the whole story.

  • I think there is a really good chance JACK THE GIANT SLAYER will be one of the funnest movies of 2013.

  • I made it through just two clicks before abandoning this fawning shite

  • Carrie has been done 3 times now and that is not including the crappy sequel. The novel is one of my favs and one i go back to at least once a year. The story is pretty cut and dry, everything that could have been told for anybody to lazy to read has already been told in the original and the first remake

  • bumboclot

    Really? 50 separate pages… I’ll skip it. BTW Red Dawn is one of the worst movies of the past decade and its included here. Nuff said.

  • Jackie Brown

    Who wrote these movie descriptions?? There are so many typos, good lord!

  • yeah) that’s true
    clicking is booooring

  • John

    FIFTY pages?! I’ll close out after reading just this one.

  • lenny

    after nolan’s job with batman, im sure superman will be great. ill see it.

  • len

    yeeeah. clicking a mouse is real hard work.

  • len

    not looking forward to another hunger games…either.1st one was pretty suckee.

  • len

    i cant wait for another sin city. what took sooo…long??

  • len

    aahh…red dawn was ok. didnt think they’d use north koreans. and the girls are a little too pretty for insurgents. and its a little too hard to beleive that the usa military could be taken out that easily they have ‘ hardened’ against emp most of theyre important hardware ie subs carriers ,b-2’s , f-22’s , airforce one is emp proof. and i think more than 3 states would rise up in a rebellion to fight an invader. texas alone would give an invader ‘nightmares’ !! . u know how many guns there are in texas. ted nugent alone could fight the korean’s.!! but……..i did enjoy the movie. now dont be a mo’tard!! love that line. ie:’motherfukkenretard’ ..for those who dont know marine jargin.

  • Unamused

    Clicking on each individual page wouldn’t be so bad if the site didn’t take forever and a day to load, or if each movie actually needed its own page instead of a picture from the film and just a paragraph or two just barely explaining anything about the film that we should try to get all hyped up for. It also isn’t exactly encouraging when someone who really is not all that adept in proper spelling and/or grammer(Namely me) can point out all the little mistakes in each, rather short and fool proof artical. Seriously, even my four year old will take the time to at least make sure he spelled monkey correctly when he draws me a picture of one.

  • Dean

    Fuck, I am exhausted

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I would love to see this movie i really want to see what its all about

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    It’s look scary as hell

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I wanna see this cause the very first Carrie was sloppy and It started John T. Nancy Allen and a Young Sissy Spack and the whole movie was scary in the 70’s anyway

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I like Tom Cruise and that is it

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Wanna see what happens at the end credits of Iron Man 3 like they did for the first film which lead to The Avengers of 2012

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Donna see the first Star Trek to watch part 2. I always miss it when it comes on Tv or Cable like FX. I have to Rent it or order it

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Wanna see this cause i read this book in my High School in a literay class

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    The first one was great but Fast Five was super awesome. Maybe this will be better then all of them. If then we still got Fast Five to watch on tv or cable again

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    The Franchise of Superman is awesome from the 80’s to today’s Man of Steel, so it should be what the fans want to see how this one compares to all of the other

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I’n a Fan of brad Pitt enough say

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I love the first one and you can see it on Disney Channel or watch it anytime you want to. I really like this movie

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Love the first monster now wanna see how it all begins for the monsters

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I like big Robots and Scary Monsters roll into one big battle

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Love the first KickAss now can wait to see how the Bad guy from part one played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse will do to the heroes Kick ass and his sidekick the little girl

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    the movie say it all and he is in the next X-men Movie. Way to go Hugh

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    never heard of this but I love Matt Damon and Jodie Foster so I wanna see it

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    love the first part of Cloudy can’t wait till the second part of it

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    See the first Thor and its Awesome can’t wait for the End credits of this one too

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Seen The Hunger Games and I like it wanna see this and the Final one Mockingbird

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    Seen The Hobbit and want to See this one and maybe the Hobbit again before this comes this year and The final piece to the Most famous Movie Trilogy of all time in my opioion

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I like the jack Ryan/Tom Clancy novels and this should be a good one

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I like to know what this is about really can somebody tell me about it

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    I like Sin City a lot and wanna see how this one looks on the big screen

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    It’s it about the story of Mary Poppins or Walt Disney i really don’t know but Tom Hanks is in it and Emma Thompson

  • Nathaniel Baker Jr.

    hot chicks who I would sleep with on any given night yeah

  • BeautifulCreautresforever<3

    No… Just No. I’m not reading 50 pages. DO YOU THINK WE’RE ALL STUPID!!??

  • BOO

    ZDT US release is the 11th not 19th

  • JBomb

    Only one film I can think of that’s missing…This Is the End.

  • Jodie Hart

    Can’t wait for Warm Bodies, I loved the book

  • Aranka King

    Yep, I wont bother with sites that do this.

  • Hey editors! Let’s try putting more than one little snippet per page eh? I’m going to start reading this now, but I’ll bet I only make it 15 movies in before I get tired of constantly clicking.

  • >Look forward to in 2013
    >13 random clicks
    >They are all out somewhere
    >Comments and exits

  • Jesse

    I’m with you guys on the 50 pages, but also, are there really 50 movies to look forward to? I mean that’s over 5 a month the whole year. They really need to be selective. Don’t worry about fitting everyone’s tastes, just pick the 10-20 you’re really looking forward to

  • Rb

    How did this list NOT include Ender’s Game??

  • LMFAO, Red Dawn sucked.

  • Spencer Mead


  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Frankly, I’m looking forward to “Leo the Lion”. Anyone who grew up with Kimba and Astroboy should be looking forward to it …….. as long as they do as good a job as they did on Astroboy.

  • phreak

    City Of Bones

  • Matthew Melange

    I’m not even going to finish this list because the first 4 pages include awful movies like gangster squad and that arnold movie and the rest are movies that already came out.

  • I love movies….couldn’t get past the 12th page.

  • skunkybeaumont

    After Earth is a big “Aight, you get one more shot.” for everyone involved.

  • Zara

    Where is The Mortal instruments? hmmm?

  • Dave Vallence

    i agree with Ed. 50 pages…i am out of here!

  • Strange , there is no ENDER’S GAME in this list.
    Come on!
    Some people have been waiting for this movie for almost 30 YEARS!!

  • TheMachine

    Yeah seriously, the damn British, Oh wait.

  • Melanie Berlas

    Don’t bother clicking on the rest of them. Most of the movies listed are crap or are copies of previous works. I got to page 39 and gave up. Stoker and Man of Steel are the only ones that come to mind that I actually agree with so far.