Unbelievable is an understatement when it comes to describing the documentary My Old School.

Jono McLeod brings this unnerving true story to this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, in what is his feature debut. Based on events he personally experienced in school it has twists that would make M.Night Shyamalan proud.

It is the story of a new pupil at Scottish secondary school, Bearsden Academy, who is not what he seems. It is a hybrid of interviews with former pupils with animation and stars Alan Cumming and music legend LuLu.

We sit down with the trio to talk about this fascinating, how the project came about and we ask Alan Cumming about the prospect of returning to Nightcrawler in a possible MCU X-Men crossover.

My Old School premiered on March 3rd with additional screening on March 13th (tickets here) courtesy of Hopscotch Films and Dogwoof.