After 21 years since this larger-than-life franchise first hit our screens, writer and leading lady Nia Vardalos revisits this world once again in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”. Arguably, seeing a 3 in a film’s title (other than Toy Story 3…) might encourage an eyeroll – especially considering the state of the industry right now, but there is an inescapable  warmth with this comedy franchise.

In the third installment of this series, you are immediately transported to a beautiful Greek setting that is dripping in history and vivid hues. It feels as though you can inhale the pure air and experience the soothing tingle of the sun on your skin, providing a sense of release, as the Portokalos family departs from their hectic city lifestyle.

The narrative continues to revolve around married couple Toula Portokalos, (Vardalos) and Ian Miller (John Corbett, now with less hair) who, as we know, have learned to embrace their cultural differences and merge them becoming one big, happy (and fat) Greek family. We pick up several years after the second movie, where Toula and Ian are now facing new challenges in their marriage; including their daughter’s decision to attend college far away from home, not to mention the unfortunate passing of Toula’s father.

After reflecting on Nia’s father’s upbringing, the couple decides to pledge to have more fun in their life, a motto we should all embrace occasionally. Yet, the film is bittersweet as it’s marked with a real-life sadness. Michael Constantine, the actor who portrayed Gus, passed away in 2020. Moreover, Nia herself, lost her father around the same time resulting in a lackluster attempt at create a poignant tale. Perhaps this is where the film falters, the writer is simply too close to the plot here; allowing predictability and a lack of originality the initial surprise hit was back in 2002.

By now, we know these characters well and the new ones, despite clearly trying very hard (on the verge of getting caught in net of over-acting amdram) get absorbed into the stickiness of mouth-watering baklava here. New face, Melina Kotselou as Victory, sadly is one of the most annoying characters. Which is a shame as their non-binary identity could have brought something interesting to the mix.

This will still manage to please the fans, who know they are in for a warm and humorous portrayal of Greek-American culture and family dynamics. Above all else, this is a fun and entertaining watch for those who are looking for a light-hearted comedy with a feel-good message.

It’s a shame for a writer who once brought such a fresh cultural twist to the romantic comedy that the franchise was reduced to such a pitiful chapter. If this short and cheeky 90 minute running time will do nothing else but make you want to book a holiday to Greece and eat your way through it, then the magic has won you over – just don’t hold your breath with this one.

My Big Fat Geek Wedding is released on Friday 8th September, 2023.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
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my-big-fat-greek-wedding-3-reviewThis has a big heart, but its charm is overshadowed by a disjointed narrative, that appears to just be ticking boxes for the sake of it.