Despite my confused conviction that this had been released already (after checking, it was indeed released in the UK a couple of months ago), has its hands on the new trailer for Jean Becker’s My Afternoons with Margueritte.

The film centres on the relationship between Gérard Depardieu‘s 50-year-old Germain – a near illiterate man who is considered by many to be the village idiot – and Margueritte, an elderly novelist played by Gisèle Casadesus, who Germain finds serendipitously reading extracts of her novel in the park one day. As their friendship blossoms, their frequent meetings on their favourite park bench promise acceptance and tutelage for Germain, and a deep connection for his unassuming muse.

Keep an eye out for My Afternoons with Margueritte when it is scheduled for release this June.