When we started HeyUGuys, Jon and I always said that if we got invited to a screening, we’d have ‘made it’. Well, now we get to go to quite a few screening every week so I guess we’re there! What isn’t so usual is when you’re attending or presenting a screening to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama (just incase you weren’t sure of his name!).

The White House blog has posted an awesome video of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg screening their new series, The Pacific (the follow-up 10 part mini-seriesĀ  to Band of Brothers) to War Veterans, special guests and The President himself. I’ve embedded the video below for you to enjoy. I loved the candid nature in which it’s been shot and my favourite part has to be Steven Spielberg following Barack Obama with his iPhone videoing as he walks. You can tell he’s in awe of the man and no doubt that video he collected was shown to all his friends! He doesn’t even hide the fact he’s following him with it! And that is one of the best directors in the world!

I have to say, the White House screening room looks rather plush, it might give Sony’s a run for their money! Before the screening, Obama introduced the show where they watched the first episode.

The Pacific is airing on Sky Movies HD in the UK, 5th April. We’ve seen the first two episodes and we know you’re going to love it. Now, check out the video below.