There are a lot of great TV shows available to watch right now, but US networks are for some reason intent on bringing back all of the ones we used to love. 24 returned last year and a reboot is rumoured to be in the works, while Prison Break is also expected to be revived. Oh, and Heroes is on its way back to TV as well.

Scepticism aside, one of the most exciting TV shows which is being resurrected has to be The X-Files.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reprising the roles of FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and the series is set to run for six episodes. If it ends up being a ratings hit, who knows what might follow!

In the photo below, we see them for the first time on the set of this new series of The X-Files, while creator Chris Carter looks on. Joining them in the series will be Mitch Pileggi and Joel McHale. A number of other actors who starred in the show have also been rumoured to make a return, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

The X-Files launched in 1993, ran for nine seasons, won a number of awards, and even had two movies!