We first saw Mr. Jones – the thrilling biopic of Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, back at the Berlin Film Festival last February. A whole year ago. And yet the lead star James Norton, who was one of the frontrunners for the James Bond gig, is still the frontrunner for the James Bond gig. Needless to say we discussed the proposition with him then, though we really could’ve asked the very same questions now.

He tells us what it means for his name to be in the mix for the prestigious 007 crown, while we also chat in detail about his experience working for the legend of cinema that is Agnieszka Holland in this stirring production that examines the bravery of this amazing journalist – who’s story deserves to (finally) be told.

Watch the full interview below:


Welsh journalist Gareth Jones risks his life to expose the truth about the devastating famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s.

Mr. Jones is released in cinemas on February 7th