For those who regularly watch movies, it is likely that at least one or two scenes witnessed may have featured a bingo hall, particularly as far as comedies go. Switching back to the real world, and bingo halls remain as popular as ever, being the perfect setting to meet friends, socialise, have fun and possibly win a prize too. Of course, there is the rise of online bingo as well, providing the perfect way to get involved from the comfort of home. There are loads of online bingo sites to choose from, and it can be confusing to know which one is the best. After all, everyone is looking for something different. BingoPort is a site that allows people to compare several online bingo sites at once and find the perfect option.

‘Man Alive’, Here are the Five (Best Bingo Scenes)

bad granpaJackass: Bad Grandpa. Wanting to know how not to behave in a bingo hall? This scene can help. Bad grandpa really lives up to his name when he begins to do unimaginable things in the bingo hall. Like drinking bingo marker fluid, and making a cocktail in a blender as surrounding patrons look over in horror. With an award winning cast from the likes of Johnny Knoxville as Irving Zisman, Jackson Nicoll as Billy, and Georgian Cates as Kimmie, it’s easy to see why this film was nominated for an Oscar and had worldwide box office sales reaching $150,903,019. Want to see bingo portrayed in a fun, spontaneous, and perhaps a little bit naughty way? This one’s a real corker.


better call saul

Better Call Saul. In this entertaining scene, Saul, the man hosting the bingo game, drops his typical cool and witty demeanour as he reads out the numbers. In a sudden twist, he begins to announce all of the problems he is facing in life, along with his disdain for the outside world. Bob Odenkirk plays the main character Saul. The series won loads of awards when released, such as ‘outstanding achievement in drama’ and ‘best action thriller TV series’. Although the scene is somewhat pessimistic and bitter, the audience are still keen to progress with their game, perhaps showing that bingo really can be an addictive and enjoyable game requiring high levels of focus and attention.



Teachers. A comedy series featured on the TV Land platform in the USA. The bingo scene in Teachers is the perfect demonstration of how addictive the game can become. Mrs Watson becomes frustrated when the older lady keeps winning. Soon, things get heated. However, when encouraged by her friend to pursue a potential love interest in the room, things take a whole new direction. It is the perfect depiction of the best traits of a bingo game- fast paced, enjoyable and sociable. Be sure to watch soon to see a top shelf cast lineup from the likes of Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton and Cate Freeman.

big mommas houseBig Momma’s House. In this amusing scene, featuring Martin Lawrence as an FBI agent posing as larger than life Big Momma, a dramatic entrance is made into the bingo hall, along with other adults and a child who falsely proclaims ‘bingo’ without understanding the games rules. They are met with a sea of stern faces, indicating just how seriously some people get involved with the game. Nevertheless, the scene was fun, entertaining and humorous. It demonstrates that bingo is a game for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The success of the movie is clear, with around $174 million in box office sales around the globe.

hotel transylvaniaHotel Transylvania. Big name stars such as Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez and CeeLo Green star in this cult kids movie which featured a bingo scene with one of the characters, ‘Eunice’, who sits amongst the other players. As the numbers are being announced, Eunice achieves a full house, but the granny next to her suddenly eats her card, leaving her furious. The scene is particularly interesting as it introduces the concept of bingo to a young audience. The film has proven to be hugely popular, winning a ‘kids choice award’ for ‘favourite voice from an animated movie’ by Adam Sandlers role as Dracula. The film also generated 358 million dollars in box office revenue which was perhaps why an entire TV series was also launched shortly after its release.

‘Top of the Shop’, Bingo’s no Flop!

Witnessing bingo scenes from different movies can reveal lots about this popular form of gambling, and shine a light on why it is loved by so many. Bingo is the perfect way to meet friends or family, socialise and have fun, whilst also giving players the opportunity of winning exciting prizes. Whilst it can be a spontaneous, addictive and fast paced game which does require high levels of focus, attention and discipline, it can be equally entertaining, humorous and enjoyable. Whether it is played online or in a bingo hall alongside other people.