It’s been a while but the latest episode of MouthOff, the official podcast of HeyUGuys is finally here.

Dave, Gary and I were joined by /Film’s UK correspondent Brendon Connelly to talk over the latest film news and reviews, this week we delved into Disney’s latest hand-drawn animation movie The Princess and the Frog and Clint Eastwood’s Invictus.

Some of the news discussed includes the merits and problems of  3D processing, in the light of news that Clash of the Titans and the final two Harry Potter films are having a third dimension thrust upon them. Also under the MouthOff microscope is the possibility of Watchmen 2, and we pull apart the Oscar nominations announced this week.

Finally we get an update on the HeyUGuys IMDb 250 project from Gary, who discovered some amazing films on the list and looking forward to some he’ll be watching next week.

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See you next week!