It’s Friday, and as if that wasn’t cause enough for celebration there’s a shiny new Mouth Off podcast for you to enjoy as you dive facefirst into the weekend.

This week talking celluloid smoke and mirrors with me are HeyUGuys writer Craig Skinner and Brendon Connelly from /Film, and the films we are lining up against the critical wall this week are Jon Favreau’s bombastic Iron Man 2, Vincenzo Natali’s genetic horror Splice and Chris Morris’s long awaited feature film debut Four Lions.

We also kick around the ever expanding Marvel universe and how Iron Man 2 slots into the bigger picture, and of course we have our Ripped from the Crypt section which this week has a few choice picks from the realms of esoteria. Below I’ve included a few clips of what we chose.

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Jon’s choice – My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117

Craig talked up Lady Snowblood: Blizzard From the Netherworld

Brendon’s pick this week is Nice Girls Don’t Explode