Word is beginning to filter through regarding 20 minutes of footage from JJ Abrams’ Super 8 that has been showcased and apparently, it is genuinely cracking stuff.

JJ Abrams has been taking his usual low-key, don’t show too much approach with the marketing and publicity on this one, though he did acknowledge in a recent interview that with the big-hitting, well known brands he is up against in this typically congested movie summer of ours, he is going to have to put some material out there, to ensure he doesn’t get lost and forgotten amongst all of the noise coming from Marvel, Bay, Sparrow and Favreau.

To help us, we’ve already had the “It Arrives” clip, which you can catch here if you missed it and now we have another. A few snippets of what’s on show here is new, though for my money I’ve seen that pick up truck driving on the railway more times than I need to in this life or any other. Inevitably we still do not get to see the creature, but then even the afore-mentioned 20-minute clip didn’t do that. We get to see Noah Emmerich, taking a break from being a bit mental in The Walking Dead in order to look a bit inscrutable for Super 8 and a fairly hefty car gets flung like a toy. For now, we are teased all the more. Enjoy.

Source: Slash Film via Latino Review.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdC3gjqb4H4&feature=player_embedded’]