Got some conflicting news reported this morning from Entertainment Weekly who have caught up with Rome creator Bruno Heller. During an interview with the man who brought us one of the best TV series of all time that is Rome, he said that

“The movie, which picks up in Germany four years after the series ended.”

The reason I say conflicting information is that I interviews Kevin McKidd a few weeks ago during the press junket for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and he said he’s read the script and that it was going to be a stand alone version that wouldn’t actually follow the TV series. You can listen to my interview here. I’ve just listened back to the interview and he states “he’s read the first draft” so I guess things may well have moved on. 

Spoiler ahead!

The problem I have with it is that if they want to get Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) back they’re going to have to resurrect him as he died at the end of the second season.

I guess more info as we get it.