Just when you think there’s nothing else that could slow down the production of Peter Jackson’s movie, The Hobbit, more bad news hits the production. On the verge of a green light (we think) news comes in from Deadline that:

A fire has engulfed the New Zealand workshop set which would have been used for the Tolkien movies. It took 50 firefighters three hours to quell the blaze in Wellington. All that’s left now is a burned-out warehouse at Jackson’s Portsmouth Miniatures Studio which had been used in the past as a specialist miniatures shooting facility, one of the few in the world, to create special effects for his The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong.

With the MGM’s financial woes, Del Toro leaving the project, threats from union strikes and now this, is the movie ever gonna get off the ground? We here at HeyUGuys really, really hope so but the poor guys trying to make this happen must just feel like giving up every day! Keep at it guys! We believe in you!!