Known and loved for over a century and responsible for millions of parents witnessing the rise of capitalism in their living rooms Monopoly is a global phenomenon. And as inevitably as night follows day there’s a film coming – today the Monopoly movie has taken another step closer to becoming a reality.

Previously rumoured to have been taken under the wing by Ridley Scott a big screen adventure based on the Monopoly game was thought to have been demolished following the cataclysmic critical mauling of the Battleship movie. Of course who cares about a terrible film when it makes over a hundred million dollars over its budget? Not Hasbro, and not Lionsgate who are the new players ushering this bizarre idea into production.

Andrew Niccol is responsible for some impeccable films, not least Gattaca and The Truman Show, and so it is those worlds the release evokes as the chief reason for Niccol’s hiring. There was certainly a lot of good ideas in In Time, and his recent Good Kill resulted in a rise in his stock to awkwardly ride a metaphor into the ground.

It’s an interesting prospect to imagine what world Niccol can come up with. A Brewster’s Millions style screwball dash around New York perhaps or a dicey, hard-nosed exploration of the current failing economic situation? We’re putting our money on the first.

Read the press release here.