Andrew Niccol is a writer and director known for binding technology and social issues within his filmmaking arsenal. Projects such as Gattaca, In Time and even the Jim Carrey lead The Truman Show (which he wrote) have delved into the subject with complex concepts that continue to fascinate. His latest, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried is Anon. On the surface it’s a whodunnit crime investigation however its concept of technological security and privacy are at its very foundation.

In ANON Sal Frieland (Clive Owen) is faced with a series of shocking murders which appear to be linked.  Unable to identify the killers it soon becomes apparent that what they have in common signals a major breakdown in the system on which society has come to rely.

As he delves into the case, Frieland encounters a woman seemingly with no identity (Amanda Seyfried). Something he initially assumes is a minor glitch becomes the first clue that security of ‘The Mind’s Eye’ has been compromised, sending Frieland off on a mission to find a someone who effectively doesn’t exist before they kill again.

We spoke to the star of the film, Clive Owen and the film’s director, Andrew Niccol about the film and the issues raised around privacy and security in our technological world.

ANON will be released in UK and Irish cinemas and on Sky Cinema from May 11