Earth To Echo

FilmAnyFilm have released a brand new trailer for Earth to Echo which hits UK cinemas 25th July. Judging by the trailer embedded below. Earth to Echo looks to have similarities to classic 80s movie Batteries Not Included and looking at the poster, a little bit of an ET vibe going on. This new trailer also helps to promote anti-piracy and from what we’ve seen, Earth to Echo is definitely a moment worth paying for!

Embarking on an incredible adventure, the kids from the new must-see family movie Earth To Echo (plus their extra-terrestrial friend) seek awesome action and magical moments by knowing exactly the right places to look in the latest ‘Moment Worth Paying For’ trailer!

To celebrate the out-of-this-world release, ( has teamed up with Entertainment One to create a bespoke new trailer, as part of the successful ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign.