The impact was dulled slightly for this new Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer by the leaking earlier in the week of a bootlegged French version, but now we’ve got the real deal and it looks like a remarkable return to form for the spy series in what may well turn out to be the start of a new trilogy.

Despite initial concerns that the franchise’s leading man would have a small role in the fourth film, passing the torch to another agent to make the decisions about accepting missions or not, it appears Tom Cruise is relishing the opportunity to return to one of his more successful characters, and there’s the requisite violent kicking and the being blown forward by an explosion.

The scenes glimsped here btween Cruise and M:I new boy Jeremy Renner do point to a nicely antagonistic relationship and the other new additions to the cast are welcome indeed, with our own Simon Pegg returning.

Simply put – it looks nuts and, maintaining an excellent series tradition of enlisting high profile directors to take on each instalment, Brad Bird’s foray into live action seems to concentrate firmly on the action.