Five-time Vampire (Twilight: Eclipse etc) Ashley Greene and ex-Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus  have taken the shoot for their upcoming LOL: Laughing out Loud international. MTV report that, based in Detroit earlier this month, the production has since been spotted in Paris.

The numerous stills taken from their Parisian set show the actresses alongside co-stars Douglas Booth, Ashley Hinshaw and Lina Esco. Cyrus described her post-Montana career as more serious and mature, as she plans to put her music on hold to pursue her acting career.

Having already starred on the big screen in both Hannah Montana: The Movie and The Last Song, the actress explains:

“I’m working on lots of different films: drama, action, comedy. I like challenges, so I’m doing a little bit of everything. The more I make music that doesn’t truly inspire me, the more I feel like I’m blending in with everyone else. I’m taking some time off [from music].”

LOL follows a group of young people including Cyrus’ Lola and their attempts to navigate high school related peer pressures and relationships in a tech-savvy world. LMAO!