Mila Kunis (Date Night) and Adam Scott (Leap Year) are in talks to join the cast of Universal’s Ted.

Kunis and Scott will star opposite Mark Wahlberg and MacFarlane.

Ted centers on a man (Wahlberg) who as young boy made a Christmas wish that his Teddy Bear (MacFarlane) would come to life and be his best friend forever. Twenty-five years later, the bear is still at his side, but has now evolved into a cursing, smoking, delinquent that is preventing the man from maturing.

According to THR, Kunis will play Wahlberg’s girlfriend and Scott will play her boss.

Kunis will next be seen in Darren Aronofsky’s highly-acclaimed psychological ballet thriller Black Swan, while Scott has a part in the upcoming comedy My Idiot Brother, which is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January.