When it comes to odd and quirky films, you’re not going to get much more odd and quirky than Micmacs. The movie stars Jean-Pierre Marielle, Nicolas Marié, André Dussollier, Dany Boon and is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet who previously brought us French classic, Amelie. How Jeunet’s mind works is fascinating and intriguing and you have to wonder if anyone else could have pulled off the masterpiece that is, Micmacs other than Jeunet.

Micmacs focuses on Dany Boon’s character, Bazil who has a rather large gripe with war and weapons in general after his father is killed by a landmine making him an orphan and then later in life, he’s inadvertently shot in the head! Managing to survive this, and through a serious of rather strange and comedic events, he discovers that the bullet lodged in his brain and the landmine that killed his father were both made by French companies based in the city where he lives. After losing his job and his home, he manages to meet a group of people who he realises can help him in his mission to teach the weapon companies a lesson that they’ll never forget and expose their illegal activities and gun-running to the word!

The acting in this movie is superb but there’s no way that they could have created such a masterpiece (I’ve used that word twice now) without the genius that is Jean-Pierre Jeunet. He brings comedy, action, romance and adventure into this cartoony tail that is Micmacs and has created a movie unlike any I’ve seen before. The imagination that has been created from this rather simple idea is genius, the casting spot on to create this fantastic journey into revenge but in the kindest way possible!

I simply loved this movie and can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ve embedded the trailer below for you to watch if you’ve not already seen it and hopefully that’ll whet your appetitie to buy and view the whole thing.

Special Features:

  • Interview with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Micmacs is available to buy on Blu ray and DVD now!