Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a behind the scenes account of the star’s life which offers a true portrayal of his journey through the use of intimate stories, rare footage and personal recounts from those who knew him best.

Earlier this week I was given the amazing opportunity to interview Michael Jackson’s brother Tito, eldest sister Rebbie, his close childhood friend David Gest as well as the lawyers who successfully acquitted Michael in the 2005 trial, Thomas Mesereau and Susan Yu.

I really enjoyed all of the interviews but this first one, with Tito and Rebbie Jackson was certainly my favourite. With this being my first ever interview, I was really grateful for how warm they both were and how comfortable it was to sit and talk to them.

We discussed what period of Michael’s life they believe he was most happy, whether it would have been more beneficial to him if his musical talent had remained hidden, the possibility of there being another future Jackson legend and how they think Michael should be remembered. It truly was a pleasure!

Michael Jackson: The Life of An Icon is available now to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray! Order your copy here.

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