I finally caught up with Christopher Smith’s Möbius strip slasher Triangle yesterday and apart from being a genuinely terrifying thriller with some images and ideas that have been seared into the dark side of my brain, there was a singularly impressive performance from Melissa George.

And in a curious twist of fate there’s news today of George’s next project, A Lonely Place to Die, about a group of climbers who discover a young girl buried in the Scottish mountains who is victim of a kidnapping. George will play one of the climbers whose actions following the discovery spark a dangerous and horrific chain of events that can’t lead anywhere good.

This film will begin shooting in Scotland in the next week and is directed by Julian Gilbey, whose crime dramas Rise of the Footsoldiers and Rollin’ With the Nines were pretty nasty as well as being taut thrillers. Ed Speleers, Karel Roden, Eamonn Walker and Sean Harris co-star.