Netflix has dropped a new trailer for the third and final season of ‘Medici: The Magnificent’.

The eight-part final series sees Lorenzo (Sharman) as the undisputed leader of Florence, who faced Popes and Kings to become the first man in history to unite economy, culture and politics in one great vision that put Florence at the very centre of Europe.

Whilst at the peak of his power, Lorenzo is troubled, seeking revenge for the tragic death of his brother killed during the ‘Pazzi Conspiracy’. He is lost and distant from his faith and he feels he’s the only one that can save his family, his city and the enormous artistic treasure he built. Medici: The Magnificent shows the power of art and beauty as driving forces behind Medici rule. The series shows the journey of a man who falls many times before he can find himself again.

Directed by Christian Duguay, the series stars Daniel Sharman (Fear The Walking Dead), Synnøve Karlsen (Clique), Sarah Parish (Bancroft), Johnny Harris (Troy: Fall of a City), Annabel Scholey (The Split) (John Lynch (Tin Star), Rose Williams (Sanditon), Toby Regbo (The Last Kingdom), Sebastian De Souza (The Borgias), Aurora Ruffino (The Red Band Society), Alessandra Mastronardi (Master Of None), Francesco Montanari (Cacciatore – The Hunter) and Neri Marcore (Questo Nostro Amore).

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The third series hits Netflix May 1st.