MC-Harvey-All-Things-to-All-MenMC Harvey is what you would call a Jack of all trades, as the former rapper – famed for his work with So Solid Crew – has since turned his head to acting, and following a role in The Big I Am, he returns in George Isaac’s All Things to All Men – and we¬†discussed¬†his role in the movie ahead of its forthcoming release.

Playing the part of criminal Curtis Carter, MC Harvey – whose real name is Michael Harvey – discusses playing a role that feels somewhat close to home, with the films predominant setting taking place in the same area of London the actor was born. He also discusses his own future, as well as telling us where he feels his heart lies – as a performer who has formed careers for himself in music, acting and even professional football.

All Things to All Met is out in UK cinema today. You can see our coverage of the movie including our review here.