Sky Cinema has dropped the first trailer for their family-comedy ‘Four Kids and It’ featuring Matthew Goode, Russell Brand and Paula Patton.

The film focuses on new couple Alice (Patton) and David (Goode) take their less than enthusiastic children on a family holiday to a Cornish cottage to meet each other for the first time.  The holiday takes an unexpected turn when, on the local beach, the kids discover a magical and very grumpy Psammead (Caine), a creature with the power to grant magical wishes.  Unfortunately, they also run into local aristocratic oddball Tristan (Brand), who wants to capture the Psammead for his own gain.  The ensuing adventure brings the new siblings together and helps them to accept their parents’ newfound happiness.

Based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson and directed by Andy De Emmony, the film also features the voice of Sir Michael Caine.

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The film will launch on Sky Cinema, NOW TV and in cinemas April 10th