Bioware is once again expanding the Multiplayer front in Mass Effect 3 by adding in the Platinum difficulty new maps, new character classes and more weapons. Here is a little look into what you wil be getting in this DLC.


  • Firebase Rio
  • Firebase Vancouver
  • Firebase London


  • Piranha assault shotgun
  • Acolyte pistol,
  • Typhoon assault rifle


  • N7 Destroyer (Soldier)
  • N7 Paladin (Sentinel)
  • N7 Demolisher (Engineer)
  • N7 Slayer (Vanguard
  • N7 Shadow (Infiltrator)
  • N7 Fury (Adept)

Check out the Trailer for yourself! Mass Effect 3: Earth is out now for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and is free for everyone to download and play.

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