End of WatchJake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña take the lead later this year in End of Watch, which has long been promising to be one of the best cop crime/dramas of 2012.

We saw the great first clip from the film yesterday, and now we’re following that up with a new batch of images, courtesy of IMDb, giving us our first still of the brilliant Anna Kendrick and more of leading duo.

“A powerful story of family, friendship, love, honor and courage, End Of Watch stars Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as young Los Angeles police officers Taylor and Zavala as they patrol the city’s meanest streets of south central Los Angeles.

Giving the story a gripping, first-person immediacy, the action unfolds entirely through footage from the handheld HD cameras of the police officers, gang members, surveillance cameras, and citizens caught in the line of fire to create a riveting portrait of the city’s darkest, most violent corners, the cops who risk their lives there every day, and the price they and their families are forced to pay.”

David Ayer (Training Day) directs from his own script, and judging by the brilliant first trailer we saw back in May, he’s bringing a very different and very interesting new feel to the cop crime/drama genre.

Alongside Gyellenhaal, Peña, and Kendrick is a great supporting cast, headed up by America Ferrera, Cody Horn, Natalie Martinez, and Frank Grillo.

End of Watch will hit US theatres on 28th September, and StudioCanal have recently acquired UK distribution and will put it out on our shores on 23rd November – I can’t wait. As usual with the images below, you can click to enlarge.

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