To celebrate the release of Nacho, the latest series streaming on Lionsgate+, we sit down with the star of the show to find out more about the provocative new show.

“Nacho” tells the dramatic yet comedic story of the real people behind the porn industry – which generates more than 500 million euros per year in Spain – their humanity and the hilarious lives they live. Proving his talents reach far beyond his most infamous 25 cm, Nacho changed the rules of the game in the 1990s when he became an international superstar alongside a constant shifting of social and cultural norms in Spain. That’s where his story begins, when he discovers that he had been born with a gift that he could use to stand on his own two feet. It has a really cool feel to the way it’s been shot!

Chatting to Martino Rivas, who stars in the lead, we talk about the lure of the series, the changing nature of the porn industry and the taboos around it, playing a real-life person and bringing his own version of him to the series, the challenges within the series and character and why it will be people’s next big binge-watch on streaming.

You can watch the full interview below:

Nacho begins on Lionsgate+ on June 2nd.