One of the most surprising reboots on the way has to be The Six Billion Dollar Man (that’s not a typo either; the Million Dollar Man is clearly getting a serious upgrade here). With Mark Wahlberg set to play the titular character, Wild Tales’ Damián Szifron has signed up to both write and direct the movie which has been scheduled for a December 22nd, 2017 release.

Our own Cassam Looch caught up with the actor at the London premiere for Daddy’s Home this evening, and got an exclusive update on the direction The Six Billion Dollar Man is going in. The key words thrown around here by Wahlberg are really to be expected – thankfully he left out “dark” and “gritty” – but it actually sounds like they have big plans for the franchise.

“We’ll be shooting it in the fall. [I’m] very, very excited. Damian [Szifron] has written an amazing script, and I can’t wait,” the actor said of getting to play The Six Billion Dollar Man. “I think it’s going to be a game changer. It’s action, but it’s very character driven. I would say it will be more like a Bourne than like a Marvel movie. Grounded. Real. Edgy.”

Some may take offence at what on the surface may sound like a dig at Marvel, but it’s clear that Wahlberg is simply emphasising the fact that The Six Billion Dollar Man is going to be more along the lines of a Bourne movie than a huge action blockbuster like The Avengers! Either way, this is one reboot it may be well worth keeping an eye on come 2017.

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