Mark Strong is going from strength to strength at the moment. His latest movie, Robin Hood has just been released and Kick-Ass is still available in many cinemas across the UK – and on top of those, Sherlock Holmes is released on DVD / Blu Ray  today (win your copy here)! Our friends over at Filmbeat got to interview him (interview here) and he got talking about Ridley Scott’s next Alien project which will be made in two parts and show back-to-back. It’s been announced that a sequel is in the works and Mark has basically said that he’d love to be in it.

During the interview he told Filmbeat:

“I’m not angling but I am absolutely hovering on the sidelines and if he wants me I am around. I would do it. I would love to.

Mark, who has been a fan of Ridley’s work since he was a boy, added:

“I watched Blade Runner the other day, it’s my favourite  film, and every shot is unbelievable. Then I watched Alien as well and the same thing is true. You just look at it and go; ‘Oh my God, every single shot is extraordinary!”

The Alien prequel has a release date planned for late 2011 or 2012 and will be in 3D. More info as we get it but at the moment, Strong  is in such a commanding position making awesome film after awesome film, how can Ridley Scott say no? Strong is currently filming John Carter of Mars which is being helmed by Andrew Stanton (Director or Wall-E and Finding Nemo).