David Lynch is no stranger to directing adverts as you can see documented over at LynchNet and in my post about his Georgia Coffee commercials as part of our Twin Peaks Retrospective.

I am normally against artists being involved in the world of advertising but I have always appreciated the fact that Lynch is relatively open about his need to make films without interference and the money earned from advertisement work helps with this.

As part of a large scale new advertising campaign, Dior approached David Lynch and asked him to direct a short film. The only restrictions were that he had to include the Dior “handbag, The Pearl Tower and some old Shanghai” (FT.com).

I really liked the short, which is unmistakeably Lynch, and Marion Cotillard is wonderful in it. Hopefully the two will work together again as they seem to be a good match. Lynch even said of her, “She has got that modern quality and old quality that I think the great ones have always…” (FT.com).

The noirish short film is entitled Lady Blue Shanghai and you can watch it in its entirety below. Enjoy…

Source: FT.com and Magnifique Marion Cotillard