Last year Comic-Con played host to the formation of Marvel’s elite as The Avengers assembled for the first time on the stage at San Diego.

If you were following events at the time there was a great deal of speculation as to the casting of the new Hulk as Edward Norton and Marvel’s Kevin Feige voiced their differences over the actor’s future with the company and so a new Hulk was needed.

Hours before the Avengers panel Ruffalo signed on the dotted line and was flown out to San Diego to appear on stage with his new superhero co-horts.

Since that time attention has fallen on the other members of the team, most of whom have had movies of their own to push and it is only now that we’ve had the chance to see how Ruffalo’s Hulk will appear in Joss Whedon’s film next year.

This new piece of concept art is joined by new looks at Thor and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fronted by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury as well as a fancy banner with all of the artwork together.

Here’s the new pictures, and you can click here to see the previous Avengers artwork,

Marvel via ComingSoon gaveup the goods.