As the fanboy dust settles and Sony’s decision to reboot the Spider-Man series, taking the beloved series back to school, is assimilated the long journey to the expected 2012 release date of Degrassi: Spiderman High has begun.

Deadline Hollywood are speculating that the big names on Sony’s list to head up the teenage years reboot of Spider-Man are James Cameron, David Fincher, Wes Anderson and Marc Webb, with the last name on that list being supposed most likely to take on the job.

Whether this is merely fanning the hype flame in the wake of the sudden ditching of the Raimi Spidey series by Sony it is clear it has done the job as people are talking and aligning the director of last year’s acclaimed (500) Days on Summer with the webslinger. Given that Christopher Nolan signed on to direct a rebooted Batman series after breaking out with Memento, it makes sense that Sony would latch onto Webb as his 2009 film was a massive success, and Webb ably directed the emotional paths of his characters with style.

Quite how, if he was to sign on (and remember this is all huge speculation at the moment), he would tame a high budget 3D monster of a production and bring in a film pleasing to fans and Sony’s fiscal expectations is unclear. Perhaps it is the right thing to do as the other directors on the list would surely overshadow the film’s main draw, such as it is, a fresh new Spider-Man.

So, what do you think to (500) days of Spidey?