MSN has posted a really funny restricted trailer for the upcoming MacGruber film. It’s age restricted and needs your”real” date of birth to view it. It’s rude, it’s crude and it has one of the best named villains of all time.

Based on one of the greatest TV characters of all time and one of my personal heroes in Angus MacGyver, MacGruber looks pretty funny and although with some hit & miss gags the trailer makes it look like a huge amount of fun. MacGruber is based on the excellent Saturday Night live sketch of the same name and it’s well worth checking out.

The plot summary of MacGruber is:- Former special operative MacGruber (Will Forte) is called back into action to take down his nemesis, Dieter Von Cunth, who’s in possession of a nuclear warhead and plots to destroy Washington, D.C. Assembling a team of experts of the Human Shield, Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe) and master of disguise, Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig), MacGruber and his team will hunt down Cunth and bring him to justice saving the world in the process.

And below is the movie poster for MacGruber, It’s due out May 21st in the US and June 4th in UK.