We’re lucky enough at HeyUGuys to have a quote used on the marketing for Lynne Ramsay’s unforgettable drama You Were Never Really Here, which simply says, ‘Beautiful’. Now considering this film features a man, equipped with a hammer and an inclination to use it, such a word seems somewhat misplaced – and yet there is a beauty to the brutality. We had the pleasure of meeting the woman at the helm to discuss how she achieved such a remarkable tone.

Ramsay also spoke to us about the film’s indelible soundtrack, and just what it was like working with Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the lead role. She explains that she wrote the part with him in mind, and what it was about their collaboration which has led to her citing the actor as her ‘soul mate’.

She then goes on the discuss the hours of footage they shot but didn’t use, and whether they have any plans for it in the future, and the pertinency of the film’s themes given the current ongoings within Hollywood. Finally we asked what she has coming up, and whether we’ll have to wait another six years to see it…

Watch the full interview below…


A contract killer uncovers a conspiracy while trying to save a kidnapped teen from a life of prostitution.

You Were Never Really Here is released in cinemas across the UK on March 9th. You can read our review from Cannes here.