The first trailer for Noah Hawley’s ‘Lucy in the Sky’ starring Natalie Portman has been snuck out almost undetected.

The movie is loosely based on astronaut Lisa Nowak’s alleged criminal activities involving her romance with astronaut William Oefelein. In 2007, after completing her mission in space, she drove from Houston to Orlando and confronted another woman.

Natalie Portman takes the lead as Lucy Cola, who has a breakdown and starts to lose her grip on reality after returning from her mission.

‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’s’ Noah Hawley makes his feature directorial debut. Also starring alongside Portman is Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, Dan Stevens, Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro, Ellen Burstyn, Colman Domingo, and Joe Williamson.

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The film is expected to be released in the US towards the end of the year.

Lucy in the Sky Synopsis

An astronaut returns to Earth after a lengthy mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut. She heads into a downward spiral as she loses her connection to her family — a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space — and when her lover begins another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out.