Love Spreads

There must be something about Jamie Adams, as his stars so often return back for more, with several repeat collaborators across his relatively short, and yet strikingly prolific career to date. Two of which are Tara Lee and Dolly Wells, who stars in Love Spreads, and we had the pleasure of speaking to the talented duo on Zoom.

The pair discuss what it is about this Welsh filmmaker that lures them back in, and they also talk about the improvisational style he encourages, and how they approach material of that nature. They discuss writing songs, creative pressure from above, and having writer’s block. Plus, on a side note, we get to meet Wells’ lovely dog.

Watch the full interview with Tara Lee and Dolly Wells here:


It is time to record the all important second album and Glass Heart is breaking in a million pieces. Away from touring and performing the band is not in harmony, and no amount of history in Rockfield Studios is going to solve that. Three very different songwriters, one desperate producer, a label exec and a keyboard collide.

Love Spreads is available On Demand now