lostIn just over two months the final series of Lost will be hitting our screens to finally tie up (HOPEFULLY) all the loose ends that have became unraveled in the last 5 years involving Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Sun, Jin, Walt, Ben, Jacob, Charlie, Mr Ecko, the Others, Desmond and so on.

ABC.com┬áreleased a press statement informing all us Lost fans that the 6th and final series will air on the 2nd February in a double part-er in the states and it’s likely the UK Premiere will be shown shortly afterwards.

I’m a huge huge Lost fan, I’ve taken the Lost tour in Hawaii visiting loads of the locations, I’m currently re-watching the whole series so I will be refreshed on all the crazy plots and story arch’s and I personally can not wait for for the things to start. so beware a few spoilers of previous series mentioned below.

I believe that Lost is the best TV show ever made and it’s going to be devastating when it’s over because there will be nothing as well made, well written or produced, its a truly amazing experience that took an unusual and possibly risky step in making a show that has over 20 main characters to route for, that all have incredibly interesting stories and personalities. My favorite characters over the series have been Locke, Ben, Hurley and Desmond but they are closely followed by almost everyone else as each character triggers a memory in the part in your brain that creates shear passionate enjoyment from watching the show. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve been gobsmacked by them all.
who’s your favorite?

Lost 6

A teaser poster was released for the final season recently that showed all the characters, old and new and dead or alive, in a line up that seems to indicate that everyone who was on flight 815 will be making an appearance one way or another in flashbacks or possibly/likely/implausibly as visions to our castaway heroes. Interesting news indeed but there is talk that the Maggie Grace is possibly pre-booked and won’t be able to reprise her role as Shannon which will be a shame and inevitable adjusted story line is expected.

I can’t believe we may finally get closure on the smoke monster, the Others, the Hatch, The Dharma Initiative, the Adam & Eve Skeletons in the caves (surely Bernard and Rose!?!), Richard Alpert, the Cabin, Jacob, the big foot remains from giant statue, Charles Whitmore, the Black Rock, the Polar Bears and many more things I couldn’t get my head round, it’s going to be great.


So from season 1’s preemptive fabulous adverts with the characters dancing on the flaming wreckage strewn beach we were then plunged head first into Lost and introduced to our characters in the biggest most expensive Pilot episode ever made and then going on a journey through Five amazing series so far (with some off moments) which have created one of the most discussed shows ever made it’s finally going to finish after 18 episodes that will no doubt be incredible.

The actors that have portrayed their characters also deserve a mention with Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjim Kim all outstanding but it’s Terry O’Quinn as John Locke and Michael Emerson as the greatest TV screen villain Benjamin Linus who stood out and deservedly won Emmy’s for their roles. The show as a whole has won numerous awards and been nominated for almost every category and fully deserves it’s rewards.

It’s wonderful that I still find people who say they gave up on it after season 1, they have missed so much but i totally understand why as some people need a conclusion after each episode and can’t go without explanation on what they see, but they really have missed something special. It’s a thrilling show and one that i have so much faith in, Abrams, Linderlof, Lieber have always said they know how the whole show was going to run and nothing is a random addition which is encouraging although some changes have needed to be made due to cast misbehaving or having other commitments so it will be great to see how everything fits together in the end.

I hope it doesn’t end as someones dream!

My theory, and one that i have stuck to since season 1, is that Walt is the pivotal part of everything that has happened on the Island and that his mental powers (as shown in earlier flashbacks and the Webisodes) is connected to the islands mishaps and adventures and a reason the Others allowed Walt to leave. Although after season 5 it does seem to be heading towards an Egyptian historical route with all the hieroglyphics and such, But that’s my opinion and one that is probably no where near the truth and one that joins a long list of other theories, Purgatory anyone? It’s going to be a great ride from February and a sad farewell to one of the most impressive and well made shows of all time.

What’s your views on how it’s going to end? I love to hear the theories.