That Twitter and Facebook have allowed us follow the movements of our favourite directors and actors is a sure sign that barriers are coming down between fans and their quarry, and while many of the Tweets are written by marketing teams licking their collective lips at the free publicity there are some who have truly embraced this new technology and work hard to give something worthwhile back.

Jason Reitman, one of cinema’s brightest stars, tweets, appears on podcasts (his appearance on the best of the web’s film related podcasts, the /Filmcast, is utterly hilarious and then fantastically candid) and now he has created a video of his press tour for his wonderful Up In The Air. Suitably for the film Reitman spent a ton of time flying from place to place and documented his entire press tour and then edited the video below. It’s a good insight into the whirligig of the promotion aspect of the film, and is well worth a look.

I saw Up In The Air at the London Film Festival last year and loved it, and it is on many people’s top tens of 2009, so make sure you catch it.

Slashfilm posted this video, which gives me another opportunity to plug their podcast – subscribe now film friends!