The post of the first four minutes from the new season of LOST we posted here earlier today got me excited about the start of the final season but like Dave I can’t watch it yet and ruin it for myself and will hold out till it shows on TV in the UK.

So i started looking around YouTube to find some other movies about LOST and found some nice stuff made by fans that I found really enjoyable to watch and well worth a post and some trailers for the new season which just add to the anticipation of season 6.

The first one is an excellent real time clip of the crash of Oceanic 815 using clips from the previous series to show how all the events that occurred around the time of the crash look when played in sequence. Its a cracking effort that works really well and makes complete sense of the first three seasons plane crash, Hatch and the Others connecting storyline. Enjoy and beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen all the series, especially season 5.

Next up is a trailer, presumably fan made, that just gave me goosebumps with Jacob and “the Man” discussing the loop hole and his hatred of Jacob and Locke explaining the two sides of Black and White to Walt, its so intriguing and in all probability the basis of the plot of season 6, the war of the two sides. The music is a bit loud at times but still its a nice teaser.

This is a lovely Spanish Promo for season 6 of LOST, its beautifully told using a chessboard to show the characters as pieces of a game. It’s in black and white and is by far the best LOST clip I’ve seen.

This clip is funny and pretty much asks the questions every LOST fan wants to know about all the plot holes, unexplained mysteries and that we need ANSWERS, all in a nice little song.