Sadly this story isn’t about how actual caped crusaders are fighting crime in Los Angeles and that the LA police are taking them down but it’s still pretty amusing and the video below is definitely worth a watch.

Apparently LA police have had enough of the unlicensed costumed street entertainers who have their photos taken with tourists.

According to CNN and others, in addition to arresting Batman, police also arrested actors dressed as Spiderman, Donald Duck, Freddy Krueger, Mr. Incredible, Bumblebee, Edward Scissorhands, Scooby Doo, a Johnny Depp lookalike, Elvis and Cat Woman. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the actor dressed as Bumblebee but if you can please post a link in the comments as I just can’t picture how that would work.

Although the video is kind of funny this is supposedly a genuine problem in LA, as the reporter says “… a few bad apples have spoiled it for everyone.”

Source: heatvisionblog, CNN.comGeekosystem and NBCLA