Insidious, the latest horrorshow from the Saw/Paranormal Activity set, has got great word of mouth from the many previews and screenings and the film opens in UK cinemas on the 6th of May.

We sat down with Director James Wan and Screenwriter Leigh Whannell recently and they seem genuinely pleased with their film and when we saw it at SXSW last month we had a good time with it, so why not ramp up that anticipation a little more with a look at the French poster eh? Mais oui.

Ecranlarge debuted this fine poster, which is a red tinged riff on the standard scary-kid-face image that’s being slapped on the curving walls of the Tube here in London. It’s not as stylish as these two posters but that is still one creepy poster.


Here it is,

It is not, however, quite as scary as this moment from The Exorcist,